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The Special Schools Complex is intended for students who received the decision of special education needs given by a psycho-pedagogical clinic. It is designed for children with mild, moderate and significant disability and for students with coupled disabilities between ages 6 and 24, who, due to their disability cannot attend school in their area.

Education is continued up to when the student reaches:

18 years- for primary school's
24 years- for upper secondary school's

The school is a public unit, whose conducting authority is Sieradz County.
The Pedagogical supervising authority is the Board of Education in Łódź. The School Complex in Warta consists of:

Maria Konopnicka Primary School No.2
Special Education Trade School

Primary school education lasts 8 years.
Education in trade school teaching trade for students with moderate or significant intellectual disability and for students with coupled disability based on the middle school program lasts 3 years.

We also run classes in the welfare house in Rożdżany for children with significant and severe disability and individual classes outside school.

Students are covered by specialist care in the areas mentioned below areas:

-speech therapy,
-corrective and compensatory and equalizing classes,
-theatrical classes,
-artistic classes.

Our pupils are able to take part in:
-many events in school and culture centers,
-tournaments and contests,
-student creativity exhibitions,
-theatre reviews,
-sport games, special Olympics,
-en plein air,
-field trips,
-prevention programmes against social pathology,
-extra-curricular activities for example, dogotherapy, hippotherapy.

Educational facilities. Our workshops.

Our School has:

- workshops fully equipped with teaching aids,
- an IT lab with internet connection,
- a gym,
- a World Experience Room providing relaxation and stimulation through scent, touch, sounds, color and light,
- a speech therapy room (with high quality speech therapy equipment) with an office for Biofeedback therapy armed with equipment supporting therapy of psychosomatic disorders,
- an office for treatment of sensory activities integration dysfunction treated with Sensory Integration method fully equipped for diagnosis and therapy,
-offices equipped with appliances,
- a multimedia library.